Mobile Phone Water Damage

Over 1.2 MILLION mobile phones are water damaged every year.

  • 600,000 mobile phones were dropped in the toilet
  • 400,000 mobile phones were dropped in drinks, and
  • 200,000 mobile phones ended their life in a washing machine!
The thing is, water is everyewhere. And it only takes one or maybe a few drops to kill a phone.

It might be a puddle. It might be the toilet. It might be rain water, a drink, the washing up water, sea water - any water.

Exactly how it happened doesn't matter so much as the fact that your phone is ruined.

The truth is, water damage is a far bigger killer of phones than is popularly known. This is for the same reason that phone loss is a hidden killer of phones.

It is because most other phone insurance providers do not cover water damage, so their customer's only choice to get their phone back via their insurer is to commit insurance fraud:

To say that their water damaged phone was 'stolen'.

Read the Police report outlining this insurance fraud here.

The reality is you should be covered with a fully effective mobile phone insurance policy which covers loss. Ours does.

Here are some Top Tips on managing water damaged mobile phones:

  • Quickly get your phone out of the water. Speed is important. The quicker you get it out of the water the more chance you have that the water has not seeped into the 'brains' of the phone.
  • Quickly turn it off.
  • Quickly take out the battery and the SIM card and dry them with a soft towel or tissue. If it is an iPhone, you cannot take out the battery but you can take out the SIM and dry that. Also leave the SIM cover open so any moisture can dry out.
  • Put the phone, battery and SIM card on a dry towel on a household radiator for a few days.
  • Meanwhile, if you have mobile phone insurance then contact them immediately to initiate the claim procedure. We handle claims within 48 hours so you will be back with your phone in no time.
  • If you do not have insurance, you should take your phone to a repair centre.
  • If you do not have a local repair centre you *may* want to try putting the battery and SIM card back into the phone after 2 days on the radiator. We cannot be held responsible for this. It is up to you. You *may* find that some phones will start working again. Many will not. It just depends on how much the water has penetrated into the phone and its working parts.
Sometimes it is repairable. How much will the repair cost? How long will it take them to repair?

Our repair teams are fully qualified repair engineers, expert at repairing your phone in the shortest possible time and to the highest standards.

Sometimes phones can be water damaged 'beyond economicl repair'. That means it would cost more to repair than the phone is worth.

In these cases our mobile phone insurance policy customers are given a new phone, either the same or of the nearest possible specification which is currently available on the market (in the event that your phone is no longer available).

Evidently mobile phone water damage is a major reason to need mobile phone insurance

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