Phone international cover

It is all very well having your phone protected with a solid, fully-effective mobile phone insurance, but when you have to go away on work abroad, or take your phone with you on holiday abroad - are you covered?

With our phone insurance policy you are!

The reality is this:

When you travel you are at greater risk of having your phone lost or stolen. You are on the move, it might fall out of you bag, it might be more on show and get stolen...

There are many reasons why you are at a higher risk when you travel abroad.

So you need to make sure you are protected - you need peace of mind so you can relax as much as possible!

If you are on holiday the last thing you need to to be permanently worried about where your phone is...

So we offer you a very straight forward internation cover:

Our policy is for UK residents only, but if you are out of the country - whether for work or pleasure - you are covered for up to 60 days, with the same cover as if you were in the UK (covered for loss, theft, damage etc - all of it)

So to make sure you are quickly and easily covered for international cover, make sure you get phone insurance.

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