Phone Fraudulent Calls

When your phone is lost or stolen, do you think some sneaky *@!!! person might use your phone to make their calls, free for them?

But will it be free to you?

No. And it happens.

This is called 'fraudulent calls'.

It is an unfortunate reality that has actually happened to our very own management team when his phone was stolen in Barcelona! The thief made a number of very expensive calls to Africa.

Now here is the truth - Many other phone insurance providers claim to offer 'fraudulent call' cover BUT...

They only cover you for calls made on your phone after you have reported the phone lost or stolen to you network provider!

And what do all networks do as soon as your phone is reported lost or stolen? The network blocks the handset and de-activate the SIM card - which means no further calls can be made!

Which means fraudulent calls are impossible for the thief to make!

So this 'fraudulent call' cover from these other providers is utterly meaningless. It does not protect you from anything.

Now, what matters, is the time period between when your phone is lost or stolen and you then reporting it to your network. That is the time-period when a thief is realistically able to make fraudulent calls.

And that is exactly the time period WE COVER YOU for.

Here are the details ...

  • You are covered from when your phone is lost/stolen until it is reported to the network
  • Once it is reported to the network, it then becomes the network's responsibility (they should switch it off)
  • You must report the phone missing within 12 hours of discovering it lost/stolen.
  • You are covered for up to £100 of fraudulent calls.
Now you may find that some other providers claim to cover you for more - but if they offer £1000 'fraudulent call' cover but it only applies after the phone is reported lost or stolen to the network, how much is that really worth?

This shows you that we actually cover you for what matters.

So to make sure you are quickly and easily covered for fraudulent calls, make sure you get mobile phone insurance.

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