Phone Extended Warranty

Mobile phones - like most other bits of modern technology, whether computers, televisions, DVD players, whatever - can just go wrong!

Maybe your mobile phone screen dies. Maybe it is the keyboard that is broken. Or the phone 'brains' - maybe you phone starts doing strange things like not responding or doiing things you didnt ask it to...

These all most likely come under the heading of 'extended warranty'. This basically means something going wrong with your mobile phone - it develops a fault.

Within your first 12 months by UK law you are covered for product faults by theh manufacturer's warranty.

After the first 12 months, you are not covered - unless you have phone insurance that covers you.

Even within the first 12 month period, it can be a lengthy and difficult process to get your phone repaired under the manufacturer's warranty.

You would have to chase the manufacturer on the phone, get through to them, understand their warranty repair service system, then follow it.

That might mean you going to the local authorised repair centre then following up the paperwork and invoices etc.

It can be a whole lot easier for us as your phone insurance provider to manage the claim process for a manufacturer warranty fault process - whether that is within the first 12 months or after.

So to make sure you are quickly and easily covered for extended warranty, make sure you get iphone insurance.

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