Gadget Insurance

Just how many valuable gadgets do you own?

Do you have...

  • A mobile phone?
  • A PDA?
  • An MP3 player?
  • An iPod
  • A Satellite Navigation unit?
  • A camera?
  • A camcorder?
  • A laptop?
  • A games console (Play Station, Wii, Xbox etc)?
  • An MP4 player?
  • A portable DVD player?
  • A TV?
Now, most people have a number of these, but did you know this?

Here are some shocking statistics you need to know...

* Over 1.3 MILLION gadgets were stolen
* Over 1.6 MILLION gadgets were lost
* Over 600,000 gadgets were dropped in the toilet
* Over 400,000 gadgets were dropped in drinks, and
* Over 200,000 gadgets ended their life in a washing machine!


MultiCover Gadget Insurance

GadgetCover allows you to protect multiple gadgets within 1 simple insurance policy, with all of our standard policy elements...

  • Loss
  • Damage
  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Fraudulent calls
  • Extended warranty
  • International cover
With GadgetCover 3, at only £9.99 a month, you can protect any 3 gadgets in 1 policy.

With GadgetCover 5, at only £14.99 a month, you can protect any 5 gadgets in 1 policy.

Evidently gadget insurance is a powerful form of protection.

Get your gadgets fully insured with our gadget insurance

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