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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I insure my children?
Yes. Family members are covered with the normal cover.

How much is it?
PolicyHow much is it worth?Monthly Premium
EconomyUp to £150£2.49
SimpleUp to £250£3.99
StandardUp to £400£5.88
ExecutiveUp to £1,000£7.99
PremiereUp to £1,500£9.99
PlatinumUp to £2,500£14.99

When am I covered?
With the Instant Cover, you are covered as soon as the online payment transaction of the first 3 months premium goes through.
With the Delayed Cover, you are not covered until the first Direct Debit payment for the first 3 months premium is paid.

When will I receive the paperwork through the post?
You will receive your policy details with your Direct Debit confirmation paperwork. Because the banks take some time to set up your Direct Debit, it can take some time for them to confirm the set-up of your Direct Debit. This can usually takes 3-4 weeks.
So long as you put your correct email address in when you order, you will receive email confirmation for your policy order instantly.

Am I insured in a commercial vehicle?
Because commercial vehicles (such as builders vans etc) can have a large number of items stored in them and potentially stolen, we cannot insure the item in any commercial vehicle. 'Commercial vehicle' means a work vehicle.

Where can I live?
This insurance only covers an electronic item bought and used in the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Cover is extended to include use of the electronic item anywhere in the world up to a maximum of 60 days in total, in any single 12 month period, subject to any repairs being carried out in the UK by repairers approved by us.

How do I get my replacement?
We replace with a like-for-like product - (ie the same) - or as near as possible at the time of replacement, if by the time of the claim your model is no longer available.

What do I need as proof of purchase?
You need to have a receipt or invoice showing how you got it. If it came with a contract, the documentation should show this. If it is an item that came free with another contract item (eg a contract mobile phone) then you will have paperwork showing the connection between the item and the contract item.

How do I make a claim if I need to?
Simply call our Claims Line on 08707 607 687

Are there any excess charges when I make a claim?
To discourage and minimise fraudulent claims we have to implement an excess fee, but it is minimal when you compare it with the cost of replacing the phone yourself. Excess fees are the first

* £25 of a theft or accidental damage claim
* £50 of a loss claim
* £75 of any international cover claim

How quickly will I get my replacement phone? We process 96% of claims within 48 hours, so your phone is back with you as soon as possible. If you want, you are welcome to call our Claims Line to check how your claim is proceeding on 08707 607 777.

I have read these Frequently Asked Questions in full and my question is not answered. How do I contact you?
We have been established for many years and with every question we get we update our websites. 99% of all questions are answered on this site. Try the home page and the details page. If you still need to contact us simply use the Contact page.

What is IPT?
Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a tax on general insurance premiums. With our insurance sold here, IPT is 5% and is already included in the premium, so you dont need to worry - it is not an extra - the premium quoted is the only premium you pay.

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