iPhone Insurance

  • Loss - If you lose your iPhone it is covered. This is usually not covered by other phone insurance providers yet 1.6 MILLION phones are lost each year
  • Theft - Get protected in case your phone is stolen. More and more phones and gadgets are being stolen every year - Over 1.3 MILLION phones are stolen every year according to Police figures.
  • Damage - If your phone is damaged, get it either repaired or replaced. If it is possible to repair it, we will. If not, we will replace it. One of the biggest killers of phones is actually...
  • Water Damage - Over 1.2 MILLION phones each year are killed by water damage - whether dropped in drinks, dropped down the loo or they just got wet.
  • Extended Warranty - If your phone just goes 'wrong' - if it just stops working - it is covered. Maybe the screen stops working, or the phone 'brain' doesnt work any more ie if the phone stops doing what it should - it is covered.
  • Fraudulent Calls - If your phone is fraudulently used - say someone steals your phone and starts using your phone so they get 'free' calls - why should you pick up their bills? We offer proper fraudulent call cover with our mobile phone insurance - unlike others. Click for details.
  • International Cover - When you go abroad - whether on holiday or a short work trip away - you need to know that your phone is still covererd. Order your cheap mobile phone insurance securely online here and it is!

NOTE: We offer Pay As You Go mobile phone insurance and contract mobile phone insurance, for all UK phone networks

If you have an iPhone, we don't cover it. You would need to go to http://www.iphoneinsurancecover.co.uk/iphone-insurance-information/.

Mobile Phone Insurance

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Thanks for making it so easy to insure my phone all it took was a few minutes and i was covered and at a fantastic price thanks again."
John Knight, Preston

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